Tabanan’s territory covers the hill and lake area of Bedugul and the southern slopes of Mount Batukaru, Bali’s second highest mountain, and Western Bali’s axis mundi, defining the mountain-sea (kaja-kelod) orientation of the architecture and rites. Open to cultivation relatively late, in the 18th century, Tabanan is Bali’s rice bowl.

The road descending from Kediri to Tanah Lot passes across some beautiful ricefields. Next to Tanah Lot is located the new luxury complex of Bali Nirwana Resort.The Tabanan highlands comprise most of the volcanic area of Western-Central Bali, with Mount Batukaru (2275 m), Mount Sanghyang (2093 M), and Lake Bratan, one of the three caldera lakes which make up the Bedugul resort area. The area holds the last remaining tropical forest of the island. The quiet botanical garden of Kebun Raya Eka Karya of Bedugul has 650 species of trees and a unique collection offerns and orchids.

Alas Kedaton
Alas Kedaton located in the village of Marga Subdistrict Kukuh + 4 km from the town of abanan. This temple has two very interesting uniqueness. The first has four entrances to the temple is from the west which is the main entrance to the rest of the North, the South East and from which all headed to the central courtyard.

Soka Beach
Soka beach has been known since long, because roads traveled by the Denpasar-Gilimanuk. The situation is very beautiful scenery, bordered by dibagian western hills continued to be one with GunungBatukaru to the north. In the eastern part of Mount Agung and look Batukaru Mountains and south of the Ocean Indonesia where dimly visible in the distance Blambangan (Banyuwangi) on the island of Java.

Batukaru Temple
PURA Luhur Batukaru is pretending as a place to worship God as God Mega god. Because of its function to worship God as the God who grow the plants with water functioning properly, then at Temple Batukaru Luhur is called worship the Lord as Queen Hyang Tumuwuh meaning of God’s name is the Lord as a foster.

Bedugul Lake
Bali tourism is similar to that offered in Kintamani Bedugul is famous for the beauty of the lake and Andapun Tamblingan can enjoy the beauty of the boat or rent a boat to get around the lake. This tourism object is also a stopover to visit other tourist attractions such as Tanah Lot, Sangeh, Taman Ayun and other attractions.

Bedugul Botanical Garden
As a botanical garden, Bedugul Botanical Garden has a collection of thousands of plants that reach 16,000 plants consisting of a collection of 1500 species, 320 genera, and 155 tribes plants. In addition there is also wild plants and various birds. The total area of Kebun Raya Bedugul 154.5 hectares with a very friendly landscape at an altitude of 1250-1400 above sea level.

Kerambitan village
Tektekan is the famous performances in Kerambitan village of Tabanan. This is not a dance but merely a school of men doing a procession with giant wooden cow bells and marching around the village. The traditional performance is conducted during drought or epidemic period to chase away the evil spirits and bring back the fertility to the area.

Subak Museum
Subak Museum is a museum colleting the Balinese traditional agriculture tools and old documentation to remind all young generation about Subak Organization which has famous in the world. It is located in Sanggulan countryside, Kediri sub district and Tabanan regency precisely 20 Km west part of Denpasar town.

Tanah Lot Temple
It consists of a couple of shrines built on an outcropping of rocks just offshore the coast, thus becomes an islet at high tide. Tanah means earth, and lot means sea. The temple symbolize the point of encounter between natural and cosmic elements: male female, inner world, outer world. One of Bali’s cosmic temples – Sad Kahyangan – , it was built by the wandering saint of Bali, Dang Hyang Nirartha, in 16th century.

Ulun Danu
Ulun Danu is the act of pretending that subak disungsung by the farmers. Mengwi built by the king in 1633, this temple complex has a mixed architecture of Hindu and Buddhist. Marked by a Buddhist stupa on the left and as he passed the entrance you will immediately be in the main part of the Lotus Temple Bang

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