Klungkung, Bali’s smallest regency, is also the one with the richest history. Except for a few beaches and landscapes those of Nusa Penida are treated in another section most of Klungkus’s interest lies in its historical heritage.

The adjoining village of Kamasan is an important craft center. It is famous for its “classical” wayang painters, who still carry on the art of the ancient masters of Gelgel. They make paintings similar to those found on the ceiling of the Kerta Gosa and Bale Kembang mentioned above.

Nyoman Gunarsa Museum
Klungkung PageThe museum is located in a strategic path precisely in Desa Banda Pertigaan Takmung 3 Km west Semarapura City. Building Museum with a mix of modern Balinese architecture. In this museum displays a variety of classical Balinese painting from ancient relics as well as new works from the owner I Nyoman Gunarsa.

Goa Lawah Cave

The cave located at the base of the cliff is a centered focus where a prince of Mengwi Kingdom used it as his protection. Thousands of fruit bats are roaring and smell some even before people can see them. The cave serves as the mouth of a tunnel that leads the way to Pura Goa in Besakih.

Kamasan Craft
Situated on the south of Klungkung, a tiny village of Kamasan is fully packed with artists’ homes and studios. The village is home to traditional Balinese paintings. It is particularly famous as the center of classical wayang paintings that somehow leads back to similar figures of puppets in ancient Java.

A historical journey in Bali may lead to Kertagosa in Klungkung town that saves mystical features of Bali’s original royal center. It was a place for the administration of traditional justices during pre-colonial times. Here there used to be a council of a great king and his priests.

Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan
The cluster of three islands off east Bali, have their own character and charm. They are Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and the tiny isle of Nusa Ceningan. By far the most popular is Nusa Lembongan, while Nusa Penida has unfortunately acquired a somewhat eerie reputation as it was once a feared penal colony.

Tihingan Village
This rural community is very famous in Bali for his expertise make istrumen (gamelan) Gong. Unless Gong, people in this village can also make a variety of options such as Balinese gamelan: Semara Pegulingan, Gender Wayang, Kelentangan / Angklung and others that the material is made of metal filigree.

Kusumba Beach
Kusamba coastal tourism is a very interesting place to visit, located about 7 km to the east of the city Semarapura. In addition, this beach is a beach where the fishermen and also the making of a traditional salt. We can see every day the fishermen who are looking for fish and sea salt farmers who are making salt on the edge of beach.

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