Buleleng Regency located in most north part of Pulau Bali having region is wide between 9 sub-province and town in Bali that is approximant 1/3 Bali Wide Island (+/- 1365,88 hectare) with boundary westside Kabupaten Negara, side south Tabanan Regency , Badung and Bangli, eastside Regency Karangasem and northside Java Sea and Bali.

The regency of Buleleng stretches along almost the whole length of the island. Its territory consists of steep mountain slopes plunging into a narrow coastal plain. Singarja, Bali’s second city, is located in the middle, almost to the top of the northern bulge on the island’s map.

A number of temples are found on this road, all featuring effusive, cunning, and mischievous carvings A fantastic ride, with archaic villages surrounded by vegetation not found anywhere else on Bali. Jagaraga’s architecturally extravagant ‘pura dalem’, one km north of the village, is dedicated to Durga.

Air Sanih
About 17 KM off Singaraja, the second largest city in Bali after Denpasar, a small resort of Air Sanih offers a combined attractions of beautiful beach view and swimming pool. This shady seaside spot offers an idyllic black-sand beach-a bit rocky, but the swimming is good.

Banjar Hot Spring
In Banjar village, there is a famous site of called Air Panas (hot spring). This hot spring only a 10-minute walk from the monastery (Brahma Vihara Asrama), if you take the shortcut. Or drive six km east of Lovina on Jalan Seririt, take a left and travel two-km to the Banjar Tegal market, then a further two-km uphill.

Gedong Kirtya
Holy objects are ordinarily stored out of sight in high places, but in Singaraja you can view sacred ‘lontar’ books at Gedong Kirtya at the East End of Jl. Veteran. The only library of its kind in the world, the 3,000-odd ‘lontar’ stored in labeled tin boxes in this small nondescript archive record.

Gitgit waterfall
Eleven kilometers south of Singaraja, off the dramatic road to Bedugul, is Bali’s most spectacular waterfall, easily accessible at the end of a 500 meter walk past numerous pushy textile and souvenir sellers and peaceful rice fields. Pull into the parking lot, cross the street, then pay a small donation.

Jayaprana’s graveyard is marked by a temple. Although the temple may look unimpressive, the view up the high, steep cliff is somewhat amazing. The view halfway across to Mt. Semeru on Java Island to Menjangan Island best compensates all the effort of climbing onto the shrine. Inside the temple.

Cliffs tower behind the temple surrounded by jungle and overrun by hordes of aggressive simians. Considered sacred, the macaques are well-fed by locals but always eager for tourist handouts. This important temple commemorates the arrival of the Javanese saint-priest Nirartha to Bali in the early 16th century.

Tamblingan lake 
A trip to Danau Buyan and smaller Danau Tamblingan has the feel of a mini-archaeological expedition. Both are contained within one vast caldera. A rugged area lying between 500 and 1,500 meters above sea level. Because of the scarcity of public transport, the trip is best accomplished with a chartered vehicle or motorcycle.

Lovina Beach
Lovina Beach famous as dolphins tourism object , so no wonder a statue shaped dolphins as about 5 meters high was built near the entrance area is tourism. One thing that is unique because very few objects tourist beach on the island of Indonesia offers attractions dolphins as maskot.

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