Gianyar history is arguably the richest of Bali. It has one of South-East Asia oldest prehistoric artifacts, a huge kettledrum known as the “moon of Pejeng”, made in a bronze technique originating in Dongson, Vietnam.The Bedulu area holds Buddhist sites from the 7-10 centuries, and it later became the capital of the kingdom of Bali until the Majapahit invasion (1343). Finally it is in Samprangan, near the town of Gianyar that the invaders built their first capital.

Since it is difficult to attend a genuine Barong dance in a temple, don’t miss the Batubulan barong, set in a wantilan building, with a Balinese temple in the background. The dance symbolizes the never ending battle between the good and the bad. East of the main road, you can visit the Peyogan Agung temple of Ketewel.

ARMA Museum
It is new museum variated by 2 big buildings and displays some magnificent art collections of Agung Rai . It’s better to visit late in the afternoon because after viewing the museum the visitor can having dinner at café belonging continued watching traditional dancing performance inside
Museum Antonio Blanco Ubud

The museum used to be the home of flamboyant Filipino-American artist, Antonio Blanco. He was a famous expat artist who ever lived in secluded village of Ubud.The artist who was married to a Balinese local, Ni Ronji, after his arrival in Ubud in 1952.

Secret Ketewel
It is well known for the surfer even its name a secret( rahasia ). It’s position in the lane of bypass Tohpati-kusamba at Ketewel village of Gianyar regency. It is hunted by alot of surfers either local tourist or foreign one.

Bali Bird Park
Find yourself at the Bali Bird Park to witness the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America. Encompassing two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species. Our innovative approach towards the display of rare and tropical birds has progressed from traditional exhibits to that of showcasing mixed species in their natural habitats & in large walk in Aviaries and free range throughout the park.

Bali Zoo
At present, Bali Zoo Park collects approximately 22 species of protected birds, 10 species of birds are not protected, nine species of protected mammals, 14 species of mammals are not protected, three species of reptiles and three species of protected reptiles are not protected. In addition, there is also a deposit of BKSDA animals from Bali

Batubulan Barong Dance
Batubulan is a village inside Sukawati district of Gianyar regency Bali Province. It used to be agricultural sector which rich of arts including art dancing, and carving. Villager structure and agricultural culture,reflect to Hinduism concept. Tourism well growth here as supported by art and strategic location it has.

Terasiring Ceking
Fabulous panoramic of Tegalalang featured by agriculture has breathtaking scenery of terraced paddy fields .It is shown from Ceking tourism object under cool climate and comfortable for us to relax. If the tourist visit tegalalang it is not perfect without viewing Ceking before move to the next village.

Bona Villge
The interesting village in Gianyar saves an attraction of being the home to wooden and bamboo furniture shops. The bamboo handicrafts are plenty in smaller size while sugar palm contributes to the design of baskets, bags, purses, and boxes which are available in all shapes and size.

Bali Elephan Trecking
Elephant Safari or Elephant Safari tourism is one of the most popular adventures in Bali. In addition to experience and different sensations, the tourists are also often interested in the ingenuity of an elephant – an elephant that is an important element in the program this elephant safari.

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple
At Sebatu there is a temple named Gunung Kawi temple. Gunung means high place and kawi means “kekawin” or something to made. So Gunung kawi temple is a temple made on the rock of mountain,now it’s called Sebatu village. Sebatu was derived from the word “ sauh or slip and “Batu” is stone.

Neka Museum
It has many magnificent art collections performed to the visitor nicely and the best place to learn about the development of painting in Bali. This museum has some halls which provides on overview of local painting,influenced hardly by wayang kulit puppetry.

Puri Lukisan Museum
Museum Puri lukisan was opened in the middle of 1950 and displays best collection of all school of Balinese art. Traditional art painting moved to modern for the first time started in Ubud where the Ubud painter pioneered using modern painting equipment and first began to abandon court subjects for scenes of everyday life .

Puserin Jagat Temple
This temple is located in northern part of Kebo Edan village symbolized as the centre of the world. Placed some ancient statues here such as Catuh Kaya statue. Other ancient ruins it has like “Bejana” made from stone variated by reliefs describing The God hunting Amerta.

Rudana Museum
Its located in Teges as the amazing museum largely ,contains interesting traditional painting , including some drawings of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and , many more modern pieces from Affandi . This museum has also selection of painting for saled.

Bali Reptiles Park
After ” Taman Burung Citra Bali International ” was established, in the north side Reptile park was opened after. It is filled by worldwide reptilia, so here is exactly place for the reptilia lover. your life insurance also saved from poison suspect. Here are a variety of animals reptiles, ranging from frogs and strange, with various types of snakes, large iguanas and tame, crocodiles until Komodo dragon. Want to photograph while holding iguanas also allowed.
Sukawati Market

It’s located about 30 km to the east of Denpasar (40 mnts drive from Kuta), at Jl Raya Sukawati exactly. From Denpasar it’s position at the left and traditional market in the western part. So easy to get here. Many art sellers offering their product such as statue, wood, painting, T shirt, short, bag, sandal, and beach sarong ,etc.

Petulu Village – Ubud District
Petulu village ride for 5 km from the north of Ubud . Excitingly found a lot of heron settling to the tree. Flying out from their nest and becomes a minor tourist attraction . More than thousand of big white water birds fly on the wind,greatly imagine it is. Flying in the morning hunting for food, and return back in afternoon late . So it’s better to visit at that time . Petulu awarded Kalpataru by the Government as taking care this habitat successfully.Meanwhile here we found the painter together with the carver exploring their talent.Fabulously we see well relation between the people and thousand births,as they all perching into the tree along the road .

Tampak Siring
The great President palace already 46 years old supported by 4 main buildings, 3 of those are “ Wisma”. First Wisma Merdeka has 1200 m larges, Wisma Bima in 2000 m larges. And Wisma Yudhistira.One more is multifunction building. Tampak Siring palace is one of the most impressive ancient monument of the first President RI, Soekarno.

Tegalalang Ricefield
About 7 km north of Ubud, Tegalalang village sets itself as the center of painted woodcarvings.Shops line up for about 12-km long, offering painted mobiles, animals, and figurines. Their presence is mixed with the series of antique and contemporary furniture shops.

Tegenungan Waterfall
Visitor increased to Bali especially in Gianyar, weak up the tourism activates to develop manykind of attractions as tourism consumption needed, foreign tourist mainly. To anticipates this, so at Tegenungan waterfall has been provided buggy jumping.

Tirta Empul
Etymologically Tirta Empul means the spring bubble up into a land. Completely, Tirta Empul means holy spring gush out through a land, as the main source of Pakerisan river. Along the river was found some ancient ruins. The temple was built about 960 A.D on Raja Chandra Bhayangsingha of Warmadewa dynasty and believed to have magical power.

Monkey Forest
This area is located in the main city of Ubud facing to the south down hill, inhabited by plenty of monkeys ready for food offered by visitor and sometime they can put on ferocious displays of temperament if they got nothing. The 8 hectares of landscape garden here functioned as sanctuary center in Bali. Paved road around the tree and nature of sound featuring your small journey surrounding the forest for 30 minutes.

Pendet Museum

This museum placed at Nyuh Kuning village, Ubud district and established by I Wayan Pendet. Variated by many more different style of paintings and also art carvings or statues by some famous carvers in Bali, especially from nyuh Kuning and Ubud village.

During 1960s, a new painting style was born from this village with a focus on few natural components, such as insects, butterflies and plants. The painting style is regarded more realistic but less expressive than the famous Ubud style. Yet, the soul of the Pengosekan paintings brings the semi-isolated village into a flourishing community of art.

Petulu Village
Petulu village ride for 5 km from the north of Ubud . Excitingly found a lot of heron settling to the tree. Flying out from their nest and becomes a minor tourist attraction . More than thousand of big white water birds fly on the wind,greatly imagine it is. Flying in the morning hunting for food, and return back in afternoon late.

Bali Rafting
Ayung River rafting offers a different sensation and of course very challenging to try. This river has some rapids that challenge and stimulate your adrenaline. For rafting own site approximately 10 kilometers away and can be completed within 2 hours. Along the way down the swift river, you will be spoiled green landscape on the left and right.

Tegenungan Waterfall
Visitor increased to Bali especially in Gianyar, weak up the tourism activates to develop manykind of attractions as tourism consumption needed, foreign tourist mainly. To anticipates this, so at Tegenungan waterfall has been provided buggy jumping. That an attraction that the tourist jumping from 50 meters high. But it was not operated anymore, left waterfall panoramic only as interesting to see.

Bukit Jati Gianyar
Whoever pass through the tourism lane of Gianyar , it’s pitty if they miss out to visit Bukit Jati , which has an exciting view. On the previous time, it used be the Hinduism worship place. It seemed to be well growth, as was built a place for entertainment such as: Dances , Balinese music ( Tabuh ), Martial art (Bela diri ), etc . Pavilion (Wantilan ) is also available to relax under cool climate and comfortable atmosphere . It’s located about 2 km in the east of Gianyar city. 500 meters downhill ride we will find swimming pool , filled in holy water from the mountain.Usually coming alot of visitors on holidays either for swimming or viewing Gianyar from hilltop.

Lebih Beach
It’s located in Gianyar shouthern part, offering fantastic scenery culminating .West Lombok can be seen from here as it placed in the east part and facing Nusa Penida in the south. Other view is food offering variationly.If you’d like to eat “Sate Languan”, here is exactly place as some food courts lies from west to east. Lebih beach also dedicated for Hinduism ceremony like Nangluk Merana and Melasti.

Sidan Village Tourism Object
About 4 km ride from Gianyar regency, we will find Sidan tourism object, and continue to Bangli about 31 km. On the previous time, Sidan palace was located at pagesangan village ( 1 km, southern part of Sidan now).This palace was moved (kekisidan)to north as some matter effects. Until now its known as Sidan village.Lies around the hill magnificent view decorating naturally. It has also some objects either ancient ruins or new one.

Gianyar Night Market
Pasar senggol Gianyar is one of alternative for the tourist viewing some foods your taste indulgely. Potentially offering special “jajanan pasar” as alternative gifts and pig suckling is favorite food especially.

Safari Park
New object just opened in Gianyar placed at Serongga village exactly. It is fun for family as live in here many kind of animals with characteristic variationly. It’s located about 3 km to Gianyar south,closed to Lebih beach. Taman Safari has open area where wild animal like lion, tiger, and others lived together as well in real habitat. The visitor can have a look the animal surrounding as performed some attractions and when we get in, can used own car alternatively.

Gianyar Palace
Puri Gianyar was built on 18 century under family discovered. It was damaged but traditional architecture of the palace can be adopted. Till this time it is closed for public or tourist.

Siyut Beach
Here is exactly place for teenager exploring their hobby especially Trail motor competition as fantastic field provided here.Beautiful wave of Indonesian ocean is shown and in the afternoon under cool climate we can relax and fishing.

Dhurga Kutri Temple
Small hill filled in by a lot of ancient ruins,under the villager discovered. Nice view it has under cool climate, invites our mind. Durga statue placed on the top of small hill at Kedarman temple especially at Buruan village of Blahbatuh district, in Gianyar regency. Consisted of 3 temples in one complex, so easy to visit as located in the lane of Denpasar-Gianyar street. Now in the courtyard of the temple lies some souvenir shops, and carver center. In the northern part in a junction lies also food court.

Relief Yeh Pulu
Relief yeh Pulu is located in Bedulu village, in ricefield area, about 300 meters in the east of Batulumbang village, less than 26 km from Denpasar, in situation of traffic lane Denpasar – Tampak Siring – Kintamani. Placed here a lot of historical objects such as : Goa Gajah, Samuan Tiga, Puserin Jagat, Penataran Sasih, Kebo Edan temple and etc. This monument was found by “ Punggawa Ubud” on 1925, has researched and published by Archeological Department of Holland which was lead by Dr W. F Sutterhien on 1929.

Saba Beach
This resort is 4 km from the centre district of Blahbatuh to the south. Some accommodations provided like “pondok wisata”, star hotel, other than people complex. Many foreign tourists are interested to visit here as they can enjoying horse riding under fresh atmosphere.

Tebing Tegallinggah Temple
It was identificated and some interesting it has was found by The archeological and Historical Department of Bali, some ancient ruins such as “ candi Tebing “ at Tegallinggah, Bedulu village of Blahbatuh Gianyar. It was found by an archeolog from Holland named Krijgsman when he researched small building, carved on the lime stone under Pakerisan river valley.

Archeological Museum
It’s placed at Bedulu village of Blahbatuh district. Here available some archeological remain collections from transition period of Hindu – Budha culture of “Nusa Tenggara Barat and Timur”.  It has 2 kind collections of before and after century, started from 8 till 15 century .This museum located at Tampak Siring street exactly.

Aloevera Bali
At Br Tengah Bon biyu of Blahbatuh district, placed Saba village with high quality of large aloevera garden. They should come here who ever interested to see other alternative for tourism object of culture. The processing of aloevera becoming gel has been doing by the villiger.

Goa Gajah
Goa gajah is located in the western part of Bedulu village about 6 km from ubud. Placed some temples, caves, and holy water over there. Goa gajah is one of archeological ruin inspired by Siwa and Budha. Etymologically, Goa Gajah derived from the word Lwa Gajah, a name written by Mpu Prapanca in script “Negara kertagama” on 1365 after century. Inside in there is Ganesha statue as education symbol. On the wall of the cave also provide some places for meditation. Kumon and Sahyangsa said on the relief that Goa Gajah built on 11 century predictly . Based on some artifacts left, Goa Gajah said as Hinduism temple and also there is Budha statue perhaps Goa Gajah as the Siwa Budha ruins as well.For entering here, visitor subject to Rp. 6000 for adult and For children at Rp. 3000.

Samuan Tiga Temple
This place is located at Bedulu village. The building belonging was built on prehistory era as a media worship to ancestor, in Tatwa Siwa Parana script page 11, said that under ruled of prabu Candrasangka dynasty (Candrabhayasingha Warmadewa) was built temples are Penataran sasih, Samuan Tiga, some dancing, such as “ Nampyog nganten”, Siat Sampian, Sanghyang Jaran hit a flame, mapelengkungan, Siat pajeng, pendet and there is a “ Bale Pegat” for sweeping anykind of dirties.scriptly every Purnama Jesta(eleventh) in Samuan Tiga temple, has been held regulary a unique ritual ceremony that was Mesiat Sampian”.

Masceti Beach
Masceti beach is located at Keramas village of Blahbatuh district.It has special scenery that is perfect to build spiritual tourism object or only for cooling down.There is a temple in nothern part which was purified by the villager as peace of life expected.

Cucukan Beach
Cucukan beach is located in the eastern part of Masceti beach. Rightly place for surfing attraction as the best wave in Gianyar. If they come to Indonesia, foreign tourist will be not miss out trying surfing point in the south edge. Shown also Indonesian ocean and some villas surrounding.

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