The regency of Bangli covers two distinct geographical areas: the volcanic uploads of the Batur and Kintamani area, stretching down almost to the sea near Tianyar and Tejakula; and the upper part of the rice growing area of Southern Bali, overlooking Gianyar and Klungkung.

The North. Bangli’s mountain area centers around the spectacular caldera of Mount Batur. Mount Batur itself is but a small volcano set just in the middle of a huge, 14 km wide crater next to a crescent-shaped lake of the same name, and surrounded by the tall walls of the caldera rim. As the road rises steadily from Bangli or Tampaksiring, nothing in the gray landscape of surrounding bush and garden plantations announces the presence of a volcano, when suddenly beyond a small ridge, the dizzying view is in front of the eyes, spanning across the crater and beyond.

Batur Temple
It faces West with Mount Batur and its solid black lavas as the backdrop, and Lake Batur at the foot of the mountain makes the beauty complete for the temple. Meforehand, the temple was located at the southwestern slope of Mount Batur. The great eruption of Mount Batur in 1917 had destroyed everything, including the temple, except one, the highest God’s shrine.

Dalem Balingkang Temple
Dalem Balingkang Temple it is situated in a remote area at the northern side of Lake Batur an on the eastern part of Penulisan Hill, some 40 kms from Bangli Town, precisely in Pinggan Village, Kinatamani District. The place is easy to reach with vehicles. Reaching the parking area, then, a guest should go on foot for some 500 meters to reach the temple.

Kedisan Village
Kedisan Village a small village blanketed with cold and refreshing air and its people share the hospitality of other Balinese. Along with other villages, namely Batur, Buahan, Trunyan and Songan they are called Bintang Danu Village as they sit at the circumference of Mount Batur.

Kehen Temple
Kehen Temple nesties on the southern slope of Bangli Hill, some 2 kms from the town of Bangli. As a historical temple, it is worth visiting where you will be lead by some steps to see many parts of the temple. Kehen Temple is one of Bali’s old temples that has housed three bronze-made manuscripts.

Kintamani View
The dramatic landscape of the village centers around the volcanic caldera of ancient Mount Batur having deep crater lake, Bali’s largest, and bubbling hot springs. The village is also home to several temples. One of which is Pura Ulun Danu Batur by the rim of the crater which completes the already breathtaking natural view of Kintamani village.

Pancering Jagat Temple
Situated at the village of Trunyan, Kintamani District. The name of the temple came from the 4-meter high mengalithic statue, called by locals “Arca da Tonta” or ” Ratu Gede Pusering Jagat”. The ritual ceremony of the temple falls on Balinese calendar of Purnamaning Sasih Kapat (around October). During some occasions Barong Brutuk is performed live, to celebrate the legendary wedding anniversary.

Penelokan Tourist Resort
Penelokan Tourist Resort is situated on the southern part of Batur Tengah Village of Kintamani District, around 20 kms from the town of Bangli or some 63 kms from Denpasar, the capital of Bali Province. Many guests, domestic or foreign choose this place so they can enjoy the cold but refreshing air of the mountainous land.

Pengotan Village
Pengotan Traditional Village is another unique village besides the traditional village of Penglipuran. It offers plenty uniqeness, which are different to those owned by Penglipuran. The people have a different socio-life. Their houses are arranged in uniqe patterns and made of Bamboos. Mass marriage is another uniqeness owned by the village. In this ritual, many couples are doing their wedding rituals together, which are held at their Penataran Agung Temple.

Pucak penulisan
Known also as Pura Tegel Koripan, its presence on top of the mountain positions it the highest temple in Bali. Based on 9th century inscriptions, it is one of the most ancient temples in the island. It serves 333 steps to reach to the top temple, Pura Panarajon. The temple is a manifestation of devotion to Sanghyang Grinatha, manifestation of God of Siwa dan god of mountains.

Terunyan Village
Terunyan Village lies at the edge of Lake Batur or at the west-foot of Hill of Kintamani. Villagers are natives of Bali called “Bali Aga” people. This village with unique tradition can be reached by boat from Kedisan Village, by crossing Lake Batur for some 30 minutes.

coffee plantations
To differ from the most attractions in Bali the tourists would like to see, the Bali government develops agro tourism which introduces a tour to plantation areas.The coffee plantation in Blantih Village on the highland of Kintamani, Bangli, is designed as one tourist object promoting a theme ‘Agribusiness of Arabic Coffee’. The cool atmosphere adds to the comfort that is provoked from the green sight stretched out on the thousands-hectare plantation.

Tirta Empul
Legend tells that the God Indra once tapped the springs during his battle with evil Mayadanawa. Following Mayadanawa’s wicked deed of poisoning nearby river and making hundreds of Indra’s retailers sick, the god created a spring of pure and sacred water to sure them. A temple was built around the springs and special bathing pools.

Toyo Bungkah
Toyo Bungkah is situated at the west bank of Lake Batur, 11 kms fro Penelokan, Kintamani District. This place is so refreshing and perfect for fishing and swimming. There is a hot spring which the water comes from the doot of Mount Batur. Local people believe that the water can cure all kinds of skin diseases.

penglipuran village
This village can be reached through roads connect¬ing district of Bangli with Kintamani. From Bangli townto the north up to Kubu Village about 5 kilometers, then have a left turn, one will arrive at Penglipuran and will be received with warm welco

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