About Bali

Bali, to many is the land of a thousand gods, a thousand temples and a thousand dances.  Some others see the island as perhaps the last frontier, waiting to be discovered, for its beauty, its culture, its way of life.  Others arrive here and undergo an experience, one that will etch a life-long impact and draw them back to its shores, again and again. 

Bali is situated approximately on latitude 8o South and longitude 115o East, and together with the nearby island of Lombook, are the most westerly of the Little Sunda islands.  They are part of the nearly 13.700 islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago. 

The island of Bali remains fiercely attractive to the visitor.  They come here in search of character; their own perhaps! More significantly the journey to Bali should be undertaken to seek an understanding of a way of life that is truly unique.

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