The regency of Badung extends in a narrow ribbon from the central uplands of the island down to the Bukit or Nusa Dua Peninsula in the South. Its shape and territory – which does not comprise the city of Denpasar, Sanur included, whose municipality has an independent status – are determined by a distributor network of rivers and streams fed from the Plaga rain – catchment area in the North.

Kuta thus became the place of fun and youth, while Nusa Dua, opened in the mid-80’s, hosted five-star tourist resorts and conventions. Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Sawangan and Batu Pageh (Bali Beach), are only the last additions to the list. And investments pour in.

The best surfing is at Suluban, Labuhan Sait and Bingi. The whole area is presently being developed. The Bukit inland has many caves, some of which, like Gua Selonding, were inhabited by prehistoric man. The tallest statue in the world, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (145m), is being built in an ancient quarry on the highest spot of the Bukit. For hikers, there are paths running along much of the cliff.

Bungee Jumping
Here are several places Bungy Jumping in Kuta including AJ Hacket Bungy at Double Six Club (66) street Arjuna (Double Six), Bali Bungy Co. Puseh Pura road, and Adrenaline Parks Road Benesari Kuta. This sport is actually a traditional Maori tribe in New Zealand to test the courage of the youth who had turned up with his legs tied to the branches of trees and then plunged into the valley.

Monkey Forest
Sangeh is the name of a village. There covering 14 hectares of trees and is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. Nutmeg trees like that are not found elsewhere in Bali and the presence in this Sangeh a mystery. A small temple covered with green moss on the sidelines of the hidden forest of towering nutmeg

Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun means beautiful garden. This temple is located in the village of Mengwi about 18 kilometers northwest of Denpasar city and is one of pretending the most beautiful in Bali. Page temples arranged in such a beautiful and surrounded by fish ponds which was built in 1634 by King of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Anom

Cangu Beach
Naturally beautiful stretch of beach is located only a few kilometers north of Legian Beach and within easy reach of the Kerobokan Village turn left. Just like the other beaches next to, Canggu Beach offers a special waves for surfing sports fans. Likewise for inexperienced surfers with waves rock beach, Canggu will provide an exciting first experience.

Kedonganan Beach
Located just 3 miles south of International Airport Ngurah Rai, this beach offers white sand gently sloping to the calm waves, making it ideal for relaxing, swimming and sun bathing. In the northern part of Côte Kedonganan have a traditional fish market with several “djoekoengs” (traditional boat) line the beach that could enhance the beauty of the scenery.

Labuan Sait Beach
This white sandy beach and clean, and quiet so it is suitable for recreation, relaxation and sun bathing and, of course, also very suitable for surfing. The local fishermen also provide rental djoekoengs for those who want to tour the beauty of unspoiled nature in the southern peninsula of the hill. As a tourist, this place also has a few taverns and restaurants.

Turtle Breeding
Deluang sari is a small delta mangrove forests covered, white sand shores, with a wave of calm, situated overlooking the sea recreation center Benoa Harbor. Because it has an intact ecological system, clean beaches, lush mangrove forests, then this place has been developed for breeding sea turtles.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)
wisnu Badung PageDesigned and built by Nyoman Nuarta, one of Indonesia’s foremost modern sculptor, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue or GWK and its pedestal building will be standing 150 meters tall with its wings span 64 meters across. Made from more than 4000 tons of copper and brass, the statue is picturing Lord Wisnu, as the source of wisdom.

Ground zero monument
This monument was built to remind us of a terrible event that is Kuta Bali bombing on Saturday night of October 12, 2002 in Jalan Legian Kuta who many deaths of 202 people from 22 countries and 324 people suffered serious injuries and wounds . The explosion is very powerful bomb also caused destruction and damage to buildings and vehicles within a radius of one kilometer.

Pelaga Village
An agrotourism walk around the coffee plantation will be the memorable moment and refreshing, too.The fertile soil serves huge horticulture collection of vegetables, coffee, vanilla, corn and more.There will be more time to relax as you are miles away from the bustling city of Denpasar.

Serangan Island
The turtle island is just few hundred meters off southern Sanur’s coastline. The spectacular reefs were the popular sight for snorkeling activity. he land reclamation and destruction of the mangrove forest around the island has significantly changed the tidal patterns and worsened erosion on Sanur Beach.

Yet in 16th century, it was rebuilt by a reformer priest, Pedanda Wawu Rauh. After experiencing some renovations in 1949 and 1980, the temple shows off the old and new structural combination.Besides the temple, Uluwatu is now becoming famous among the surfing experts that dare to challenge the surf break.

Water Boom
Located on the road Dewi Sartika, Tuban about 2 km to the north of Ngurah Rai International Airport. Swimming pool and landscaping of this beautiful set is a favorite for both family recreation by tourists and local tourists, and is open daily from 9:00 am until 6 pm, and is able to accommodate guests up to 1000 people.

Banana Boat
Tanjung Benoa be a very suitable place for Watersport activities or water sports. Beaches in the area This is very different from the calm typical in the Kuta, Sanur or Uluwatu made this area so as the only place for the water Sport.

Jimbaran Beach
This beach also offers the same view with the other beach, but only the water more clear, so convenient for swimming, sunbathing and rileks themselves. Jimbaran Bali, offers a range of attraction is known as a Seafood center and the night atmosphere Jimbaran beach is beautiful and romantic.

Kuta Beach
Kuta is now the center of an extensive tourist-oriented urban area that merges into the neighboring towns. Legian, to the north, is the commercial hub of Kuta and the site of many restaurants and entertainment spots. Most of the area’s big beachfront hotels are in the southern section of Tuban.

Dreamland Beach
Beach is a tourist place, located in the south of Bali in the area called Pecatu. Dreamland beach surrounded by cliffs, cliffs that rise high, and surrounded by coral reefs in the rather large around the beach. This beach is located in the complex Pecatu Graha Bali (Kuta Golf Resort Link) which is about 30 minutes from Kuta beach.

Legian beach
Sunset Legian is an no-holds barred beach where locals, expatriates and tourists mingle, bargain with the best, play paddle ball and football, indulge in a massage and manicure, catch up on reading, meditate, exercise, you name it.

Nusa Dua Beach
Nusa Dua, was designed for the luxury conscious with a heavy concentration of big name hotels lining the beatiful white sand beach. Some of the resorts have private beaches but most areas are accessible. The stretch past the Hilton Resort has been a public beach and during the wet season, the outer reef there is a popular surf break.

Horse Safari
This safari is one of the tourist attractions are quite interesting and increase the diversity of tourism activities in Badung regency. This attraction offers a route through the countryside, rice paddies and dikes coast. This safari can also be used to learn to ride a horse and recreation with family. This experience will probably be a beautiful memory that will not be forgotten.

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