Kertalangu Cultural Village

Kertalangu cultural village located in the middle of 80 hectare everlasting rice cultivation at Jl. By. Pass Ngurah Rai-Sanur. This luxury palced had just 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport or 45 minutes from Nusa Dua and Kuta are. The facilities was builded in efforts of’Development based and community’of Kesiman Kertalangu village society. Various tourism facilities in this place are: - Jogging Track Jogging track is a sport facilities as far as 4 km in the middle of rice cultivation, where the tourist could deeply enjoyable fresh atmosphere, available fresh vegetables for sells a and the processing of rice plant. - Bali Handicraft Center In this place we could see how the society processed and created various kinds of handicraft product such as: ceramics, candle, glass, resind, wind chime, earthenware vessels and wood and stone carved.
Fishing Pond
Fishing Pond There are 9 fishing ponds in the middle of rice cultivation completed with gazebo and restaurant as a family recreation facilities. - Kertalangu ‘Pesraman’ Cultural Village If the tourist would like to learn and practice traditional Balinese dance, instrument’gamelan’or others Balinese culture, there is an expert and friendly instructure will contented to train. - SPA & Beauty Salon Alam SPA and beauty salon are available with complete, comportable, facilities, and an expert therapists in a luxurious rice view as an other alternative to spoiled our bodys. - Open Stage Any kind of events could be performed in this place e.g: wedding, lounching product, birthday party, exhibition or traditional art performances’Kecak and Barong dance’(appropriate to order, especially in July 2007 minimal 40 persons; and for daily performance will started in August 2007 ). - Restaurant Restaurant accompanying beautiful and luxurious rice view intended join in to the environment, with a various kinds of food available for 400 persons. - Foto Studio Complete and sophisticated foto technology are ready to use to make a picture before wedding or souvenir wearing a Balinese costums.
Joging Track
Located on the edge of Highway By Pass Ngurah Rai Tohpati and Road By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra place is intentionally built by the Denpasar city administration as an alternative tourist attractions in the city of Denpasar.
Entering the area beginning with the jogging track-Artshop Artshop berjejernya that sell souvenirs, and there is also shown artisan-craftsmen who make direct souvenir items, such as making handicrafts from wood, bamboo, stone, glass, and candles. After we pass directly to the paddy field large enough to urban areas like this Denpasar. In the middle of rice field area was built of concrete jogging track berlebar approximately two meters. Early in the morning not many people are exercising, so I can jog, because the track width is not too extensive, especially along the right-left is the field that at that time there was a pool of water, as well as river water is always flowing. If the atmosphere is crowded it can be difficult to run, so quite a walk. During the trip down the field we could see farmers working directly in the middle of rice fields, hoeing, pushing away the birds, and can communicate directly with them. In the middle of rice fields are also provided sanctuary building gazebo.
At the end of the track to the parking lot provided a few stalls that sell various snack foods and typical bali. There is also a fishing pond, restaurant, spa, and mini areas to play. Here provided a lot of the gazebo as a place to enjoy fine dining. (Photo:

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