Banjar Bayad Village

The construction and development of tourism facilities in the Banjar Bayad, Kedisan Village, District Tegallalang, Gianyar Bali, should serve as an example. The reason, hamlets previously little known in the tourism activities in Bali that, managed to conjure up an area of 20 hectares of moor land areas that are not maintained, the nature tourism or eco resort.

Development area office said Kelian Banjar Bayad, I Ketut Sunarta SS, involving as many as 34 families from dusunnya, with a land area reaches 20 hectares. Investor Sunarta said, merely provide the stimulus, the rest of the people who maintain and manage the site. "Now the people who feel the benefits, other than land to be preserved, they also can profit," he told reporters in Mumbai, Wednesday (12 / 8).

Sunarta said eco-tourism area developed Bayad Banjar done by managing the forest around the village became the location tracking. In addition to recreational purposes, the area also can be used as educational tools to introduce and explain about the various native plants Bali, such as durian, mangosteen, srikaya.

Currently clear Sunarta, the children in the city is less known tree with fruits that they consume, because the land to plant trees diminished. Incidentally clear Sunarta, in their area native trees Bali considerable amount, which eventually gave birth to the idea of managing forests in Bayad a tourist attraction.

Admittedly there are some investors who had funded the construction area, but the capital that they include not intended to have, but with the system for results. "The purpose of the community initially only one, namely Banjar Bayad want to make better known in the world tourism and the region is now in fact started many wisatawa visited," he said.

Banjar Bayad Eco Resort situated on the edge of the river bank Tampaksiring, in addition to having the path tracking is also equipped with seven of the nine villas villas are planned. Villas were clearly Sunarta, built by some investors, with profit-sharing system for 25 years. Through cooperation, the communities get a share of about 30 percent of the profits.

Meanwhile, the construction of villas, the Consultant Bayad Eco Resort, Peter Studer, mentions refer to the effort to preserve and maintain the impression that the area as forest area. So she continued, villa-styled villa built in order not to cause damage to the environment. "So we limit it only to build only nine villas," he said.

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