Alas Kedaton

Alas Kedaton located in the village of Marga Subdistrict Kukuh + 4 km from the town of abanan. This temple has two very interesting uniqueness. The first has four entrances to the temple is from the west which is the main entrance to the rest of the North, the South East and from which all headed to the central courtyard. The uniqueness of the second is the page which is a holy place is located just below the middle of the yard and outside. The shrine is surrounded by woods inhabited by a group of monkeys that are considered sacred.

Beside that also there is a group of bats that live suspended in the branches of a large tree and flying at any time, is a very interesting attraction for tourists both for tourists and foreign Archipelago. Piodalan ceremony in this temple is falling on a Tuesday (Anggara Love) DAU thirty days after Galungan. Which meant the ceremony begins at noon and must be completed before sunset. This temple is sometimes called Pura Alas Kedaton or Pura Dalem heaven.

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